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MEMBER INTERVIEW #5 – Oct. 4, 2021 – Avandar

After 12-Months of being in the platform, I did a second interview with Avandar. He tells new producers be careful on YouTube, as there’s helpful videos out there, but no guidance..

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Free Tools

FREE Pigments 3 Presets Bank – IMPRESSIONS

Download FREE Pigments 3 presets for Arturia VST Synth called IMPRESSIONS by GratuiTous. This Pigments 3 Bank contains 27 free presets to download.

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SPARE STATE in FL Studio Plugins [FL Wrapper]

You definitely want to use SPARE STATE in FL Studio when using plugins like compressors and EQs to make the best mixing decisions. It allows you to do A/B Comparison, and it’s important you have a FAIR LEVEL COMPARISON as well!

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Recommended Tools

What Audio Cables Should I Buy for My Bedroom Studio? (XLR, TRS, TS)

Learn how to buy audio cables for your home studio, and learn what balanced speaker cables and microphone cables bedroom producers require to make beats with their music production equipment.

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How To Make Beats in FL Studio

Learn how to make beats in FL Studio, the best computer for FL Studio, and the music production equipment required for beatmaking in FL Studio.

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MEMBER INTERVIEW #4 – Sept 20, 2021 – James

James wrote me such a sincere email when he first found out about my FL Studio courses. After a couple months inside my beatmaker training platform, I invited him to discuss how he likes the videos, and what he’s been learning so far!

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How to Select the Right Plugins as a Producer

Choosing the right sounds and plugins as a producer makes all the difference.. make sure you select the right ones.

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Does FL Studio Work Good on a Mac?

Yes, FL Studio is available for Mac. When you buy FL Studio, you receive a license to both Windows and Mac Versions! Learn more about FL Studio Mac Version.

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A New Slideshow Template

Any good educator knows how powerful a slideshow is to teach with.. See my new slideshow template I’ll be using for upcoming FL Studio tutorial videos!

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