This tutorial shares how to fade out a song in FL Studio.

When you’d export a song in previous versions of FL Studio, it would automatically clip the tail, so the export didn’t have a bunch of dead space, making the file larger and unprofessional for the end listener.

In recent versions, you must create an automation clip on the MASTER Insert of the Mixer, then you can fade out the song with this automation clip.

In previous versions of FL Studio there was two ways of creating this automation clip. One was in the top Toolbar of FL Studio’s Volume, and the Mixer’s MASTER Fader.

Now the only way to make a song go quiet at the end of the song, or choose your own end time of a song, you must Right-Click the MASTER Fader, then go “Create Automation Clip”. I personally recommend highlighting the area before creating the automation clip so it looks cleaner. You can also set different curve types by right-clicking an automation node.

For more information on automation clips, see my FL Studio Automation Clips Course.