How to Compress Dance Drums - FabFilter Pro-C 2 Tutorial

How to Compress Dance Drums

How to Compress Dance Drums, and dial in the ATTACK, RELEASE, and HOLD Settings. (FabFilter Pro-C 2 Tutorial)

How to Create a FL Studio Template

How to Create a FL Studio Template

How to Create a FL Studio Template for a fast workflow by having a default FL Studio Project load up. How to save a custom FL Studio Template.

Reset Entire FL Studio Mixer

What is Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and Mastering take a beat to the next level by balancing volumes, adjusting frequency with EQ, and controlling dynamics with compression.

What are Reference Monitor Speakers

What are Reference Monitor Speakers?

Reference monitors are a special speaker for music production that give a flat response to mix music accurately. You’ll also learn what size of speakers to buy for beatmaking.

How to Setup Project Links and Global Links in FL Studio Explained

Project Links vs. Global Links in FL Studio

Project Links vs. Global Links in FL Studio when Mapping Knobs to VST Parameters. (Project Links are Orange, Global Links are Blue, Unassigned is Green)

Audio Signal Flow in FL Studio (Best way to adjust volume)

Best Way to Adjust Volume in FL Studio – [Channel Rack vs. Mixer]

How does FL Studio’s Volume Signal Flow Work? Learn the Best Way to Gain Stage in FL Studio and Understand FL Studio’s Volume Signal Flow.

Example of audio stems in FL Studio Playlist showing Multi-tracks aligned for mixing and mastering

How to Create Stems in FL Studio

How to export stems in FL Studio, also known as multi-tracks. Learn how to render audio stems in FL Studio.


How to Setup Avantone MixCube to Audio Interface (Mono Connection)

How to setup the Avantone MixCube to an Audio Interface with a Monitor Controller in Mono Safely..


How to Mix Kicks and 808s in FL Studio

Mixing kick drums and 808s for the best sound requires wise sound selection (short-tailed kicks), and often sidechain compression to reduce volume automatically, and avoid low-end frequency clashing.

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