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Music Production Made Simple Podcast

S2E26 – Does Volume Balancing Wreck Your Song

Does VOLUME BALANCING apply in the same way for beatmakers compared to audio engineers using audio recordings? Beatmakers are unique in that we have FULL CONTROL with MIDI and One-Shot Drum Samples.


How to Mix Kicks and 808s in FL Studio

Mixing kick drums and 808s for the best sound requires wise sound selection (short-tailed kicks), and often sidechain compression to reduce volume automatically, and avoid low-end frequency clashing.

The Walk Around Test by GratuiTous

S2E19 – The Walk Around Test

The Walk Around Test is that FINAL LISTEN after you’ve made the beat, done your arrangement, and applied your AUDIO PAINTING. It’s listening to make sure that the song FLOWS.

Fun Stuff

Using FADE in Car Audio for Good Conversation

How to listen to music loud in the car while still having a good conversation. Use the FADE to move audio more to the rear speakers.

Music Production Made Simple Podcast

S2E18 – Powerful Reverb Tips

Reverb is everyone’s most favorite effect. Learn how to use reverb good in this episode, with my main tip focusing on predelay! Discover what is reverb, and different techniques while using reverb.

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 - SLIDERS LEFT SIDE
Music Production Equipment

Motorized Faders vs. Manual Sliders on a MIDI Keyboard

Motorized Faders are nice, but expensive, and hard to use in a DAW like FL Studio. Manual Sliders allow you to get a bit of hands-on where you can, and are affordable.


SPARE STATE in FL Studio Plugins [FL Wrapper]

You definitely want to use SPARE STATE in FL Studio when using plugins like compressors and EQs to make the best mixing decisions. It allows you to do A/B Comparison, and it’s important you have a FAIR LEVEL COMPARISON as well!


Why You Need to Use Filters While Beatmaking

Filters are a secret tool of the world’s best music producers.. are you using them in your beats effectively?

Music Business

How to Prepare for a Beat Tape Launch

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