How to Open Multiple Plugin Windows in FL Studio

How to keep multiple plugin windows open in FL Studio

Today you’ll learn how to open multiple plugins in FL Studio.

Opening two plugins at the same time applies to the Channel rack which opens Generator plugins (Virtual Instruments). The mixer will always open multiple plugin windows.

There’s also a feature called “auto select linked modules” which allows you to keep multiple virtual instruments open by default.

Keeping Multiple Plugin Windows Open in FL Studio

What You Will Learn:

  • Opening Multiple Plugins in FL Studio
  • Auto Select Linked Modules to Keep Plugins Open

Keep Multiple Plugins Open in FL Studio

Here’s how to have more than one plugin open at a time in FL Studio!

Just use ALT + LEFT CLICK on a plugin in the Channel Rack!

TIP: ESC closes one plugin, or ALT + F12 closes all plugin windows!

The mixer always allows you to open multiple plugin windows at once.. this only applies to the Channel rack, where we load virtual instruments to play melodies.

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Using Auto Select Linked Modules to Keep Plugin Windows Open By Default

If you find it annoying when FL Studio closes VSTs when opening another instrument, Auto select linked modules is a feature to keep plugins open while opening another plugin.

By default, FL Studio has “Auto select linked modules” enabled, which I think is best because it provides a smooth workflow.

However, if you disable Auto select linked modules, you can open two plugins (or more) at the same time in FL Studio!

Auto select linked modules
allows you to keep multiple plugins open in FL Studio
Auto select linked modules
This feature allows you to keep multiple plugins open in FL Studio

Auto select linked modules is located in:

FL Studio Settings (F10) -> General -> Miscellaneous -> Auto select linked modules

Conclusion: Prevent FL Studio Closing Plugin Windows When Opening Plugins

The most important thing as an FL Studio user is workflow.

I personally like ALT + LEFT-CLICK opening multiple virtual instruments.

It closes the plugin FOR YOU before opening a new plugin!

If you have too many plugin windows open in FL Studio, just use ALT + F12 to close all plugins!

Having too many plugins open makes computer run slower!

And that’s how you fix FL Studio automatically closing plugins when opening another generator plugin in the Channel rack!

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