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Split by Channel FL Studio Example (Relabeled Patterns)

Split by Channel in FL Studio

March 23, 2023

Split by Channel in FL Studio breaks apart a single pattern's sounds into new unique patterns. Make sure to think of sounds in terms of groups before using Split by Channel for a fast workflow.

How to Duplicate FL Studio Patterns (Clone FL Studio Pattern, Replicate FL Studio Pattern)

How to Duplicate a Pattern in FL Studio

March 21, 2023

How to Duplicate a Pattern in FL Studio, also known as Cloning. Learn how patterns work, and when to replicate a FL Studio Pattern for the fastest beatmaking workflow!

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Template for FL Studio v2.1 (Oxygen Pro Preset Editor User Preset)

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Template v2.1

February 11, 2023

M-Audio Oxygen Pro FL Studio Template v2.1 Update by GratuiTous for the Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard.

How to keep multiple plugin windows open in FL Studio

How to Keep Multiple Plugin Windows Open in FL Studio

January 14, 2023

How to keep multiple plugin windows open in FL Studio by holding ALT + LEFT-CLICK. You can disable "Auto select linked modules", too.

What is Omni Mode in FL Studio

What is Omni Mode in FL Studio

January 12, 2023

Omni mode in FL Studio allows you to set up one knob to control the same parameter off similar channels. Use it with Pickup (takeover mode) for a decent hands-on FL Studio mixing experience.

Audio Signal Flow in FL Studio (Best way to adjust volume)

Best Way to Adjust Volume in FL Studio – [Channel Rack vs. Mixer]

December 7, 2022

How does FL Studio's Volume Signal Flow Work? Learn the Best Way to Gain Stage in FL Studio and Understand FL Studio's Volume Signal Flow.

What are SAFE SPOTS explained!

What are SAFE SPOTS? (How to Program Drum Loops)

December 6, 2022

Learn how to program drum loops in FL Studio with SAFE SPOTS, an easy-to-follow Drum Loop Training Curriculum by GratuiTous. (FREE Video Training)

How to Copy and Paste in FL Studio 20 – The Right Way

April 6, 2019

Learn how to copy and paste notes in FL Studio inside the Step Sequencer, Piano Roll, and with MIDI Notes. Also, copying effects between mixer channels, and copying and pasting values on automation clips.