Omni Mode in FL Studio is a powerful way to control the same parameter of a highlighted channel from one mapped knob or slider.

This is not to be confused with Omni Preview in FL Studio.

In other words, if you set up omni mode to control the volume knob of a kick drum in the Channel rack, then highlight a clap, the clap volume knob will now move.

You probably want to enable “Pickup (takeover mode)” for the best workflow while using Omni Mode when linking a MIDI Controller knob.

Setup Omni Mode in FL Studio
Omni Preview is explained at end of the video

Omni mode moves the same knob of whatever channel you’re focused on for a “repeating workflow”.

How to Setup Omni Mode in FL Studio

Omni mode is only available in Link to controller. (This is accessed by using RIGHT-CLICK on a parameter in FL Studio).

Link to controller is a Project link.

Remote control settings will then pop up (which is only available via Link to Controller). You can then access Omni:

Omni Mode Example (Link to Controller - Remote Control Settings)
Omni Mode Example
(Link to Controller – Remote Control Settings)

Simply just move a knob on your MIDI Keyboard to link the parameter.

To test this out, RIGHT-CLICK a volume knob in the Channel Rack, select Link to controller, enable Omni, then move a knob or slider on your MIDI Keyboard.

When moving your MIDI Controller knob, it should now move the volume parameter in the Channel Rack.

Now, simply use UP and DOWN arrow keys to select different sounds in the Channel rack, and if you move your MIDI Controller knob, you’ll see the volume knob move for that highlighted channel!

You can also set this up on the mixer to get hands-on mixing: If you set up one knob to control the mixer insert’s volume, and go to the next mixer insert, you’ll be able to adjust volume for hands-on mixing any highlighted mixer track.

What is Pickup (takeover mode):

If you setup Omni Mode in FL Studio, you may find it annoying to mix with because the parameter keeps jumping in volume.

This is where Pickup (takeover mode) comes into play:

Pickup (takeover mode)
Also known as "Soft Takeover".
Pickup (takeover mode)
Also known as “Soft Takeover”.

Pickup mode only adjusts a highlighted channel’s volume IF your MIDI Controller’s knob reaches that value.

This prevents huge jumps as soon as you touch the knob, and allows hands-on mixing with a MIDI Keyboard without motorized faders!

What is Omni Preview?

While Omni Mode and Omni Preview sound similar, they are VERY different.

Learn about Omni Preview here.

In short, Omni Preview allows you to trigger sounds in order on the Channel rack, which creates an “FPC-like” environment.

Conclusion: Omni Mode Setup and How it Works

Omni mode is another type of MIDI Mapping in FL Studio, based off a Project Link.

I encourage you to read Project Links vs. Global Links for how to get the best hands-on FL Studio experience with a MIDI Controller.

In short, Omni Mode allows you to set up one knob to control a similar parameter across channels. If you highlight to a new channel, that same parameter will be adjusted from the same knob!

Omni mode works really good for a lot of default FL Studio windows, but may not work as expected with third-party plugins.. for that, use Global Links!

Omni Preview, while named similar to Omni Mode, is not the same at all! Omni Preview selects a MIDI Channel to trigger notes in the Channel rack, which could be useful for recording your drum loop from individual piano keys.

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