How to Use Hybridize in FL Studio Tutorial

How to Use Hybridize in FL Studio

Hybridize is a FL Studio feature which allows you to blend two presets into one for a very powerful sound in virtual instruments (and also works with mixing plugins).

How to keep multiple plugin windows open in FL Studio

How to Open Multiple Plugin Windows in FL Studio

How to keep multiple plugin windows open in FL Studio by holding ALT + LEFT-CLICK. You can disable “Auto select linked modules”, too.

Delete Plugin from FL Studio Mixer - Step-by-Step

How to Delete Plugins from FL Studio Mixer

How to delete plugins from the FL Studio mixer, reset a mixer track back to default, delete multiple mixer inserts in FL Studio, and reset mixer cable routing back to default.

How to Adjust MIDI Note Velocity in FL Studio's Piano Roll

How to Edit Notes in the Piano Roll in FL Studio

Learn how to edit midi notes in FL Studio’s Piano Roll, and powerful piano roll keyboard shortcuts when editing notes in FL Studio.

GratuiTous Virtual Instrument Plugins (VSTi) - Nov 2022

How Many Plugins Should You Have for Beatmaking?

Beatmakers should have VARIETY and QUALITY when selecting plugins and drum kits. Having too many plugins is expensive and is bad for long-term compatibility of projects.

VST2 vs VST3 Plugin Differences

VST2 and VST3 Plugin Differences

VST3 is the next generation of VST2. It allows audio plugin developers more freedoms to bring better features to beatmakers, and audio engineers. Learn the differences, their installation folder, and how to back them up.

What is a VST Plugin

What Is A VST? (VSTi, VST2, VST3)

A VST, known as an audio plugin, can be a digital instrument (VSTi), or an effect (VST) like delay, reverb, or equalization. There are different VST versions like VST2 and VST3.

Effects and Generators in FL Studio

Difference Between Effects and Generators in FL Studio

Effects are mixing and mastering plugins to fix and correct your audio. Generators are virtual instruments which allow producers to play instruments like pianos, guitars, etc.

How to Add Plugins to a Folder with Subfolders in Plugin Database

Sometimes “Add to plugin database (flag as favorite)” doesn’t add a plugin into the Plugin database. Learn the workaround to get the Plugin database all set up and organized!

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