When using FL Studio’s Plugin database, you will be presented with the Effects, Generators, and Installed folders.

The Effects and Generators folders are for us users to customize for our own workflow!

I will quickly discuss the difference between Effect and Generator plugins in FL Studio.

The Difference Between Generators and Effects in FL Studio

What are Effects in FL Studio

The Fruity Reeverb 2 (a reverb plugin), is an example of an “Effect”.

Effects are your mixing and mastering plugins. They are audio plugins that we use to control, sculpt, and manipulate audio.

Examples of an Effect in FL Studio would be an EQ, Compressor, Reverb, Delay, Phaser.

My suggestion is to get a good set of mixing and mastering tools that allow you to access all aspects of your audio spectrum.

When adding a plugin to the Plugin database to be seen in FL Studio’s Browser, you will want to add Effect plugins to the Effects folder.

You can learn how to organize your Plugin database.

What are Generators in FL Studio

FLEX is a VSTi (virtual instrument), which is an example of a Generator.

Generators are your Virtual Instruments, they are what we use to make melodies and play our various instruments. There are all sorts of virtual instruments like Pianos, Guitars, or more synth-like EDM style. (See my favorite virtual instruments).

These virtual instruments are also known as “VSTi”. (i standing for instrument..).

VST is the term for effects like an EQ, Reverb, and the like.. and very often VST is used as a blanket term for both Effects and Generators, but technically, a Generator (virtual instrument) is a VSTi.

Now, a Generator in FL Studio can be an instrument like mentioned, but it can also be things like the built-in Fruity Video player, Fruity Envelope Controller, and other types of controllers or tools like that.

Wrapping Up About Effects and Generators in FL Studio

So I hope that brings clarity to the difference between Effects and Generators.

Effects are pretty cut and dry. They are audio plugins (VST, VST3, or Fruity) that we use to control our audio once we make a melody or drag in an audio file. (I really like FabFilter plugins..) Things like an EQ, Compressor, Reverb, or Delay for example.

Generators aren’t as clear, but generally, they are your virtual instruments, or controllers that we can use to control the Generator even further.

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