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My Favorite Mixing Plugins

In this write-up, I will cover what I think are the best plugins for mixing in the music industry.

These are tools I personally use, and wholeheartedly recommend to you.

Some of these mixing plugins are paid, but some are also free!

I also tend to use only 64-Bit plugins, as that’s the way the industry is going. (Better performance, and make full use of your RAM.)

If you want tips on mixing your music, you can view How to Mix Beats in FL Studio.

So let’s get into this!

Fabfilter Plugins – Pro Bundle

fabfilter plugins pro bundle

Fabfilter creates the best plugins in this music industry, in my opinion.

The user interface on every plugin allows for such a fast workflow.

When going back to stock plugins, you keep getting annoyed at how they are set up.

This bundle includes their most popular mixing and mastering plugins, with an addition to their newest reverb plugin Pro-R.

Fabfilter’s plugins usually receive at least 9/10 or 10/10 reviews from websites like:

– Computer music
– MusicTech
– ..countless reviews giving crazy amounts of praise to Fabfilter.

Included in the bundle:

  • Pro-R – An extremely powerful reverb.
  • Pro-L – The industry’s most popular limiter.
  • Pro-MB – Super creative multiband compressor which is so pleasing to the eyes and workflow.
  • Pro-Q 2 – An updated version to their Pro-Q, the second version offers even steeper slopes (up to 96 db/octave!!!), new filter shapes, improved CPU optimization etc.
  • Pro-C 2 – Updated version to their Pro-C, the second version features even more compression styles, an added range setting which limits how much compression (dialing in the perfect amount), lookahead to take full control of transients, and even a hold knob to have full control of pumping! Also, an added super powerful side-chain EQ section.
  • Pro-DS – This is an amazing de-esser! In addition, it can also be used at mastering to have a smoother high-end. (You can also audition what you are compressing out, for a more precise choice.)
  • Pro-G – Their gate is very cool, and even allows for creating your own rhythmic patterns with the sidechain option to create trance gates!

I’m really big on not spending money where you don’t have to.

But I would recommend shelling out the cash for this bundle.

I purchased this awhile back when in version 1 of Pro-Q and Pro-C (as well as not having Pro-MB, or Pro-R), and I am so happy to be using these plugins still.

If you buy this, you will not need other plugins for mixing purposes. You are set.

View Fabfilter Pro Bundle

Youlean Loudness Meter

you lean loudness lufs meter

The loudness wars are coming to an end.

Don’t be foolish and wreck your music – preserve your transients.

You will be much happier when all this chaos and smoke clears.

I am very grateful for Youlean and creating this loudness meter.

I was on a hunt for awhile, but all these companies were selling loudness meters for $200+! (Yes, just for a meter!)

It’s like, if we really care about audio quality and setting a standard, this type of meter should be free, or at least very affordable.

All DAWs should be implementing the LUFS standard to promote high quality music.

(Also most streaming services are starting to implement loudness normalization standards.)

This does not mean you cannot master your music loud, but there is a balance between loud and crushed.

I highly recommend this meter, and it’s free!

Thank-you so much Youlean 🙂

View Youlean’s Loudness Meter

Audio Damage

audio damage audio company

Over the years I’ve come across Audio Damage quite a bit.

I personally haven’t dipped into any of their paid products – but they look very cool and unique!

But I do recommend their free products on their free downloads page.

Currently they offer:

  • Rough Rider Compressor – This has been updated to version 2.0! I really liked 1.0 because it was such an aggressive compressor. I even showed how to use rough rider in on of my tutorials on how to mold your sound with compression!
  • FuzzPlus 3 – This is a distortion effect, and a really cool one! It shows you a wave form for how aggressive you’re dialing in your distortion. Also included is a filter knob with resonance, a distortion mix knob, and a feedback dial for a more aggressive sound.

View Audio Damage Plugins

dBlue Glitch by Illformed

If you’re looking to manipulate your song by reversing, chopping, stretching, gating, shuffling and other effects that are similar, dBlue Glitch 2 is your solution.

I personally use version one of dBlue Glitch, which is free.

(Note, the paid version uses .com, and the free version is currently on .org of illformed.)

This has been an amazing tool for break downs and build ups in my song’s arrangements.

View dBlue Glitch 2

Variety of Sound

These are some of my favorite plugins.

But it’s sad to say, they are mostly 32-Bit.

Regardless, I still recommend pretty much all plugins by Variety of Sound.

I’ve also linked to a page stating why they haven’t created 64-bit plugins.

They are free, and have won a KVR developer challenge award or two!

View Variety of Sound Plugins


So there you have it!

Those are my absolute favorites which I think are the best mixing plugins to use in FL Studio.

Please support these companies which are paid plugins.

Your money helps to support innovative products like we receive from Fabfilter.

If you have any plugins that you think I should checkout, comment them below!

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About the Author:  GratuiTous teaches producers how to use FL Studio, and become well-rounded producers.

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