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VST2 vs VST3 Plugin Differences

VST2 and VST3 Plugin Differences

March 7, 2022

VST3 is the next generation of VST2. It allows audio plugin developers more freedoms to bring better features to beatmakers, and audio engineers. Learn the differences, their installation folder, and how to back them up.

Plugin database location for Windows and Mac - FL Studio

Where is FL Studio Plugin database on My Computer?

February 3, 2022

The FL Studio plugin database is stored within your Documents, which is known as your User Data Folder. This is the same location on both Windows and Mac. (This is where FL Studio allows us to store various aspects like templates, MIDI Scripts, and VST presets.)

FL Studio Browser Plugin database

How to Add a Plugin to FL Studio Plugin Database

February 3, 2022

Learn how to add a plugin into the FL Studio plugin database.

Effects and Generators in FL Studio

Difference Between Effects and Generators in FL Studio

February 3, 2022

Effects are mixing and mastering plugins to fix and correct your audio. Generators are virtual instruments which allow producers to play instruments like pianos, guitars, etc.

How to Add Plugins to a Folder with Subfolders in Plugin Database

February 2, 2022

Sometimes "Add to plugin database (flag as favorite)" doesn't add a plugin into the Plugin database. Learn the workaround to get the Plugin database all set up and organized!

Organize FL Studio Plugin Database VSTs

February 2, 2022

How to organize the FL Studio Plugin database Effects, Generators, and Installed folders, and keep it backed up and maintained no matter if FL Studio updates, or you install a fresh copy of FL Studio.

How to Fix Duplicate Images in Plugin Database

January 21, 2022

Remove duplicate images from the Plugin Database in FL Studio. Use the Command Line to Automatically Hide all duplicate images in FL Studio.