The FL Studio plugin database is stored within your Documents, which is known as your User Data Folder. This is the same location on both Windows and Mac. (This is where FL Studio allows us to store various aspects like templates, MIDI Scripts, and VST presets.)

C:\Users\[*YOUR USERNAME*]\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Presets\Plugin database

Inside your Documents folder, you will see Image-Line. You will then enter into the FL Studio folder, which is where we can store all our custom stuff (and access this Plugin database).

Remember, you only want to customize the Effects and Generators folders, not Installed. You can learn:

You will then click into Presets, and then Plugin database, which will look like this!:

Plugin database location for Windows and Mac - FL Studio
Plugin database location for Windows and Mac in FL Studio 20.9

Again, you can customize Effects and Generators folders as much as you’d like, but don’t touch the Installed. We only pull from the Installed folder, which allows us to customize our Effects and Generators folder.

Also, I like to create a folder within the Effects and Generators folder to prevent FL Studio from touching my organization if I update, or install a new version.. learn how to organize your VSTs in FL Studio’s plugin database.

If you want to get organized as a beatmaker, definitely checkout my A Specific Music Production Folder course! It has saved me a lot of time, effort, and backups are really easy (and transferring your music files to a new computer is really easy, too!)

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