Your computer as a music producer is absolutely essential. If it stops working, you stop working!

The main point I wanted to get across in this podcast episode of Music Production Made Simple is if something happened to your computer today… how long would it take to get you back up and running?

There’s many things to think about in regards to computer maintenance, like proper cooling and ventilation, having good backup solution going on, cleaning any air filters that come with your computer case, and even removing old programs (things I forgot to mention in this episode, but that’s why you read this, right? 😎) Additionally, you may want to look at your computer’s privacy settings.

Closing out, it is very wise if you start doing some research on the basic computer components, and what each part generally does (you don’t have to know it in-depth), as it will help you troubleshoot in the future.

The goal of a good music production computer is to select components that will give you the performance and stability you are after.

You can see how I built my newest music production computer here.