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How to Organize Files in FL Studio

How to backup your FL Studio Projects, organize your FL Studio files, and keep your VSTs and sounds safe!

Get Organized While Making Beats in FL Studio
Getting Started

Get Organized While Making Beats

Learn how to get organized as a music producer using FL Studio. Where to store your files, how to back them up, and ultimately, how to organize FL Studio’s Window Layout.


How to Backup Multiple Slicex Loops in FL Studio


The Ultimate Guide to Backing Up Your Songs in FL Studio 20

How to backup FL Studio 20 projects, files, and prevent missing files for the long-term. Simply use Project data files!


Saving Sounds you’ve Sound Designed in FL Studio with Edison

Save sounds as you produce music, that way you create sounds no one else has!


Backing Up Your Beats/Songs Sounds [IMPORTANT]

How to Backup your sounds in FL Studio. Label your songs properly for the future.


Organize Your Vocals (All DAWs)

Organize your files with proper naming structure so you never have a missing file ever again.

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