Here is an OVERVIEW VIDEO covering the beat we made in this podcast episode. Make sure to listen to the podcast episode to learn how the beat was put together:

I always talk to you about the two ways to make a beat.. that is Original Compositions and Sampling.

Also, this episode is the first episode at 256Kbps for better audio quality when hearing the different frequencies better when making a beat. Episodes are regularly at 128Kbps to make the file size smaller, but I noticed at 128Kbps the hi-hat sounded significantly degraded.. I hope you enjoy this episode!

In this beat, we make a beat from scratch! I personally like making Original Compositions because they are 100% your own copyright, and I really like finding different melodies that compliment each other, and that suit the drum loop it self.

Everything you heard was live as I recorded this episode. I edited up the audio to give you the best listening experience, and tried to lower volumes when talking so you can understand what’s going on.

Listen carefully as I pick through the drum samples, and finally decide on the 3 drum samples which I clearly play for you to hear how different they sounded… One had a nice low-end (could potentially make mixing harder)..

Also notice how powerful the layered snares were after turning them down in volume! That drum loop was SO FULL.. and it only had 7 SOUNDS USED!

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