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M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 - DRUM PADS AND KNOBS
Music Production Equipment

Should You Buy Drum Pads for Making Beats? [Or Just Use MIDI Keyboard Keys]

Should you buy a midi controller drum pad, or a MIDI Keyboard to make beats? Learn the best controller to buy for FL Studio.


The Easiest Way to Sample in FL Studio with Slicex

Music Production Equipment

How to Record a Turntable into a Computer and FL Studio

How to record a turntable into your computer to sample inside FL Studio!


Sample your Own Drum Loops

Sampling your own drum loop is a secret technique to create unique flavors in your drum loops.

Fun Stuff

Testing FL Studio Performance Mode – LIVE


How to Sample a Beat


Looser Drum Loops – Using Swing in FL Studio

Swing in drum loops loosens up the feel of the beat. If your drum loops feel stiff, add swing to loosen them up!


The Power of Cut Itself in FL Studio

Cut itself inside FL Studio allows you to stop the audio of a sound when that same sound plays again. This is great for 808’s and kick drums.


Chopping Up Vocals Over Your Beats

Learn to sample and chop vocals over beats in FL Studio with Slicex. Slice vocals for hip-hop and dance music.

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