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S2E12 – Making a Beat Vs. Knowing Your DAW

Release Date: Dec 19, 2021

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It’s important to understand what your end result goal is with music.

We all want to make the beat. The beat is what is the most fun, it’s what people dance and sing to, and is what gets all the credit. But not everyone can make a beat!

You see, most people can learn the DAW, because that is easy to eventually understand. But making a beat is not able to be taught in the same way.

Making a beat comes from inspiration, ingenuity, and being original.

Not every beat is going to be the best, but once you make that special beat, is when it all will start taking off for you. It’s like you had your first taste, and you want more.

Again, that’s what my FL Studio training platform offers. It teaches you how to make a beat, it shows you many secrets and techniques, and will advance you fast! (You also learn how to use the DAW in my platform, but knowing the DAW is a given.. you must know your DAW, which anyone can learn, but not everyone can make a beat, and that’s what my business is.. teaching you how to make beats from scratch in FL Studio!)

Enjoy the episode, and don’t forget to visit the website https://itsGratuiTous.com !

GratuiTous (Riley Weller) is a Recognized FL Studio Trainer with over 30 Beatmaking Courses. He writes Beatmaking Books, hosts the Music Production Made Simple Podcast, and helps students with FL Studio Lessons. He also makes lots of his own music!

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