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This episode shares behind the scenes of a music production educator.

I was notified I needed to submit new photos to an upcoming music production course website.. (see pics below!)

And!!!! BEAT TAPES By GratuiTous Vol. 10 is complete!

A new beatmaking course will be created for how to release music on Spotify (and other online music distributors).

BEAT TAPES By GratuiTous Vol. 10 – COMPLETE!

BEAT TAPES By GratuiTous Vol. 10

BEAT TAPES By GratuiTous is an on-going music series of mine.

I always tell you that Releasing a Professional Beat Tape is a phenomenal way to practice all aspects of music production, and truly become a well-rounded producer who can make beats, arrange, mix, master, and actually complete and release music!

It’s really important I practice to keep my beatmaking skills fresh being music production education business.

The hardest thing about teaching beatmaking is it can take awhile to find something catchy.. the last thing I want to do is bore you! 🙂

Listen to all my BEAT TAPES By GratuiTous >>

PHOTOSHOOT? – Be Ready for ANYTHING as a Producer!

The other morning I got an email..

Hey, because you have so many FL Studio Courses, we need pictures of you..

This is where the podcast title came from (about winging it lol).

I started scrambling because I didn’t have recent “professional” photos of me!

Thankfully I had the camera equipment, as the turnaround time was 1 week! (And there’s no promises you’ll get quality results if you hire someone, either!)

My old Canon M6 (first gen) with 50mm prime lens did a stellar job!

It was my first time using burst mode.. it rapidly took about 10 photos in a matter of seconds to capture tons of photos and “the moment”!!!

I also had a handy Canon Remote Control laying around to make sure there was no camera shake! All these little tools really add up to a professional result.

Thank-you mom for pulling the trigger to take the photos 🙂

Wrapping Up..

A new Serum Course and How to Distribute Your Music to Spotify Course will becoming soon.

I also have Serum Presets to Buy!

This podcast episode just shows, sometimes you gotta wing it as a producer!

Thanks for your patience everyone..

I hope you have been enjoying the membership to learn FL Studio!