This is a very interesting episode to think about, as no matter if you are a beatmaker, or musician, we only have 12 notes available to in an octave when making our music. And, if you download my free 5 Keys to a Successful Beat Book at, you will also learn that when you pick a Key and Scale, you actually only have 7 notes you’re allowed to play!

Once you understand this, it really opens your eyes that it’s not as complicated as it has to be, and there is no “secret”, except for hard work, and finding your own sound.

I also talk to you about common things I teach about like STAYING IN YOUR DAW, AND DON’T COME OUT (unless you have a question) to get the best learning experience with the least amount of distractions while you are on fire (passionate), and wanting to learn how to make beats in-depth.

Please reach out to GratuiTous with any questions you have about making beats in FL Studio.. enjoy the episode!