In this episode I talk to you about VELOCITY.

Velocity is one of the ORGANIC TOOLS from my SAFE SPOTS Book.

There are actually many ORGANIC TOOLS, which come FREE inside of any reputable music program, and it’s really important you learn about ORGANIC TOOLS because they are the foundation of music production when using MIDI (if you are using VSTs.. Virtual Instruments, or One-Shot Drum Samples to make your drum loops).

Further, I explain that the louder you press a piano note, or strike a guitar string, it still produces the same PITCH, but gives you a different TIMBRE (pronounced TAMBER.. it gives you a different sound, but it’s the same pitch!)

(To learn more about sound design and timbre, please view my Sound Design Basics 101 course).

Inside Sound Design Basics 101 Course I teach you that timbre is like Neapolitan icecream. If you press a note on a piano soft or loud, you are still hitting the same note, which produces the same pitch, but you will get a different sound. In comparison to Neapolitan ice cream, it comes with three different flavors. When you eat either Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry, the texture is the exact same, but the flavor is different.

It’s the exact same thing when you press a note soft or loud on a piano, or select a sine-wave or a square-wave in your synth. You play the same pitch, but get a different sound (timbre)!!!

Neapolitan Ice Cream - Sound Design Timbre Example
Neapolitan Ice Cream – Sound Design Timbre Example
Neapolitan Ice Cream - Sound Design Timbre Example
Neapolitan Ice Cream – Sound Design Timbre Example

Once you understand how VELOCITY works inside your music program, and that when you press a note on your MIDI Keyboard, that it sends both the VELOCITY (0-127) and the note it self (A4 for example), then you will start to understand that VELOCITY adjusts not only volume, but it can be used as a very powerful tool to trigger a different sound, which still produces the same pitch, but gives us a different timbre.

To learn more about VELOCITY, and the ORGANIC TOOLS, read my SAFE SPOTS Book to gain a strong understanding of the core fundamentals of becoming a good music producer and take advantage of MIDI, and the ORGANIC TOOLS (which are free), inside FL Studio!

The book can be bought on Amazon by searching “SAFE SPOTS Book Riley Weller”, or on my website for the eBook version, which there is a bundle to grab the SAFE SPOTS Course and the drum samples used for the best experience.