In this article, I will quickly share how to add a plugin to FL Studio’s Plugin database. If you have folders within folders, and are receiving an error message, you will want to watch this video. I also suggest you checkout how to organize your VSTs in the Plug database.

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Add to plugin database (flag as favorite)

Remember, there is a difference between an Effect and a Generator.

Simply open a plugin, and click the top-left menu arrow drop down. You will see “Add to plugin database (flag as favorite)”.

Add to plugin database (flag as favorite) - FL Studio Plugin

But in order to get organized as you do this, you will want to have the Plugin database selected in the Browser:

FL Studio Browser Plugin database
FL Studio Browser – Plugin database

Depending on if you are using an Effect or a Generator, you will want to click into that particular folder. For example, if you want to add a mixing plugin like a Reverb, then click into Effects. If you are using a Virtual Instrument like Sylenth1, then click into Generators.

You can take it further and create your own folders and subfolders to get organized in the plugin database.

Simply make sure you are highlighted on the folder, then you will go “Add to plugin database (flag as favorite)” in the top left menu on any plugin.

You can also easily manually drag the plugins around for your own organization. Remember, FL Studio creates 3 file type, which must be moved together, and the .png must be hidden.

This is where FL Studio stores your Plugin database for the user to organize. We DO NOT touch the Installed folder.. just the Effects and Generators folders!

C:\Users\[*YOUR USERNAME*]\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Presets\Plugin database

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