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File Browser

Remove Empty Folders from FL Studio's Browser by going Settings -> File -> and Remove Folder Path

How To Remove Empty Folders In FL Studio

How to remove empty folders from FL Studio’s browser. Just go to Settings -> File -> Browser extra search folders and remove the folder’s text, then close the Settings window!

Effects and Generators in FL Studio

Difference Between Effects and Generators in FL Studio

Effects are mixing and mastering plugins to fix and correct your audio. Generators can be virtual instruments that allow producers to play instruments like pianos, guitars, and such.

How to Add Plugins to a Folder with Subfolders in Plugin Database

Sometimes “Add to plugin database (flag as favorite)” doesn’t add a plugin into the Plugin database. Learn the workaround to get the Plugin database all set up and organized!

How to Fix Duplicate Images in Plugin Database

How to remove duplicated images in the FL Studio Plugin database using the command line on all .png files.

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