Remove Empty Folders from FL Studio File Browser

Removing a folder in FL Studio was a tricky one for me to figure out in my early days, but once you know how to remove an empty folder in FL Studio, it’s really easy to do.

There’s two things that can happen:

  • You deleted a folder, and now it won’t go away in the FL Studio Browser
  • You’ve moved the folder to another location, but it stays in the FL Studio Browser!

In both of these cases, when you click the folder, it doesn’t open, and is annoying because it’s messing up your Browser organization!

The solution is very easy…

In FL Studio’s Settings, select File. Under “Browser extra search folders”, just double-click the folder text, remove all the text, and click away (or hit enter).

You must close the Settings window, and then the Browser updates, and you’re all organized again 🙂.

How Do I Remove Empty Folders in FL Studio?

Remove Empty Folders from FL Studio's Browser by going Settings -> File -> and Remove Folder Path
Remove Empty Folders from FL Studio’s Browser by going Settings -> File -> Browser extra search folders -> Double-Click to Remove Folder Path

Here’s a quick step-by-step list:

  • Open FL Studio
  • Hit F10 (Your settings)
  • Select File (at top of Settings)
  • Remove Text of Folder
  • Close Window
  • Boom.. it’s GONE!

Wrapping Up – Remove Folders from FL Studio

This was a tricky one for me in my early years.. But there you go!

That’s how your remove empty folders from FL Studio’s browser.

Your next step is to Organize Your Plugins in FL Studio.. as that will separate you from the rest in terms of workflow.

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