The FL Studio Help Manual is a very unique help manual that will quickly allow you to find your answer, and provide you with intuitive insight to the music production world.

How to Use FL Studio’s Help Manual

As I always say, watching a video helps, but reading will almost ALWAYS give you the answer faster, and you also learn better 🙂

How to Use FL Studio Help Manual

The first thing you need to understand is the FL Studio help manual has HOTSPOTS. This means you can click on an image, and it will take to you more information on what you’re trying to learn!

How to Use FL Studio's Help Manual with Hotspot Images
Simply click on an area when the hand icon appears on your mouse. It will bring you exactly to an area in the help manual to learn more.

There’s two ways you can access the FL Studio help manual:

  • Use F1 any native FL Studio stock plugin or Window
  • Simply use a search engine

When you see an image, simply click on an area, and it will typically take you to learn more info!

Click on an Image Hotspot in the FL Studio Help Manual

Using CTRL + F to Quickly Search for Keywords in the Help Manual

The next tip I have for you is searching to quickly look for keywords.

For example, let’s say we want to learn more about the “depth” knob of the Fruity Chorus plugin.

Simply press CTRL + F, then type “depth”.

Search for Keywords in FL Studio's Help Manual with CTRL + F
Use CTRL + F to quickly search for a keyword to make learning faster!

Now you can quickly learn about the “depth” knob of Fruity Chorus!

Pro-Level FL Studio Learning!

This is a pro-tip I have picked up over the years. It’s very rare to find a help manual as good as FL Studio’s.

On any stock FL Studio plugin or window, simply press F1.

Then use FL Studi’s Help Manual’s built-in Image Hotspots, and use CTRL + F to quickly search for a term like “depth” from the Fruity Chorus plugin.

You’ll find your knowledge will rapidly increase, and your research time tremendously decrease!

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