One of the most common problems for new producers is GEAR LUST. Our eyes see all these plugins used in popular tutorials, yet they never talk about the HARM OF TOO MANY PLUGINS.

This goes for both VSTi and VST plugins. (VSTi = Virtual Instruments, VST = Effect Processing Plugin).

So the question is how many plugins do you need for music production?

Here’s an image of my virtual instruments to give you an idea (and this is too many!):

GratuiTous Virtual Instrument Plugins (VSTi) - Nov 2022
Notice how there is MORE stock plugins than third-party plugins? 😁

The fact is, I can probably achieve any sound in the world with these Virtual Instruments (VSTi plugins).. and, that’s about $1000 in purchases alone!

So not only is a lot of plugins expensive, you have to learn them.. which many people don’t realize, as if you work a full-time job (or are student), you DO NOT have enough time to learn them all in-depth.

The secret to becoming a good music producer is knowing your tools well. Avoid GEAR LUST, and you will not only save money, but improve on your beatmaking skills!

Recap: How many plugins do I need when making beats?

FL Studio comes with a lot of awesome STOCK PLUGINS.

Try to take advantage of stock plugins where you can because stock plugins are often supported much longer than third-party plugins, which means better long-term compatibility of your projects.

For example.. sometimes companies close down, or get bought-out in this music production industry.. and there’s no promises for ANY PLUGIN (even stock plugins) for long-term compatibility..

EXPORT STEMS is actually the only way to truly backup a project long-term.

Don’t get me wrong, you need to have good plugins, but it’s the mindset I’m trying to get across here.

As I mention in my SAFE SPOTS book.. you need to have VARIETY and QUALITY as a producer.

Once you satisfy that, YOU DO NOT NEED more sounds or plugins.

At the moment, I highly recommend FabFilter plugins, and the Drum Bundle TRIO drum kit.

Take these words very seriously. Right now music is fun. And to keep it fun, you want to be organized in the long-term. That’s to secret to keep music fun!!

Want to get organized? View my A Specific Music Production Folder course.