Get the Drums from this Video.
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Listen to real examples of LONG-TAILED and SHORT-TAILED drums in this episode! You will hear how they sound, and when to use them for a solid drum loop. (Something you’ll learn is LONG-TAILED kick drums can clash with your bassline if you’re not careful, because they both live in the same frequency spectrum, right?)

Ask yourself this question.. do you REALLY know how to use the different types of sounds within your music? Yes, we’re talking about MAKING DRUM LOOPS in this podcast episode, but the concept applies to both your drum loops and MELODIES!

Knowing how to use your sounds is tremendously important, and will only come with time as you play your piano keys with your virtual instruments.

And I’ll give you a pro tip like I talk about in my Creating Organic Beats course.. which is making use of OCTAVES to take advantage of the frequency spectrum.. (I teach you about OCTAVES in the Piano Lessons for Producers Course, and the frequency spectrum in my SAFE SPOTS book about drum loops.)

So tune into this episode, and learn the power of learning to make your own beats from scratch.. and knowing about LONG-TAILED and SHORT-TAILED drums are a fundamental part of knowing that, if you want your mixes to sound clean, and hit hard.