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Learn Your Gear

I Can Recommend This Equipment Works Well with FL Studio.

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Best MIDI Keyboards for FL Studio:

Music Production Made Simple Podcast

#022 – How Easy MIDI Makes It

After receiving MANY questions about how to use a MIDI Keyboard to make beats, I decided to put together some resources for you. This episode discusses why MIDI is so powerful for producers.

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Recommended Mixing + Mastering Plugins:

Recommended Sounds (Drum Kits + VSTi):

What Version of FL Studio to Buy:

What is FL Studio - DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

What Is FL Studio?

I think FL Studio is the BEST DAW for making beats in terms of price and workflow. It specializes in MIDI and its Piano Roll is AWESOME to use. It is music production software that beatmakers use to create beats through MIDI or recording audio.

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Various Useful Tools for Music Production

I will be updating this page with various tutorials and helpful tips on music production equipment, like how to use a MIDI Keyboard, Audio Interface, and various other equipment.

For now, you can click on any of the equipment to see the hardware and tools I use in music production, as well as some handy tools for content creation like creating and editing videos.

I only use FL Studio, and so my suggestions and recommendations are based on that.

I also make a commission if you click on any of the links and proceed with purchasing!  Thank-you for your support!

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