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I Can Recommend This Equipment Works Well with FL Studio.

Best MIDI Keyboards for FL Studio:

Music Production Made Simple Podcast by GratuiTous (Riley Weller) - FL Studio Podcast

#022 – How Easy MIDI Makes It

After receiving MANY questions about how to use a MIDI Keyboard to make beats, I decided to put together some resources for you. This episode discusses why MIDI is so powerful for producers.

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Recommended Mixing + Mastering Plugins:

What Version of FL Studio to Buy:

What is FL Studio - DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

What Is FL Studio?

FL Studio is the BEST DAW to make beats on a computer. FL Studio offers LIFETIME FREE UPDATES, and allows you to make professional music.

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Various Useful Tools for Music Production

I will be updating this page with various tutorials and helpful tips on music production equipment, like how to use a MIDI Keyboard, Audio Interface, and various other equipment.

For now, you can click on any of the equipment to see the hardware and tools I use in music production, as well as some handy tools for content creation like creating and editing videos.

I only use FL Studio, and so my suggestions and recommendations are based on that.

I also make a commission if you click on any of the links and proceed with purchasing!  Thank-you for your support!

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