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M-Audio Oxygen Pro Premium Preset [FL Studio]


Works for Oxygen Pro Mini, 25, 49, and 61!

My Premium M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset for FL Studio sets up all your knobs and sliders over the 4 different banks, giving you 36 Sliders, and 32 Knobs!

Simply import into M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset Editor!

Product Info


Version 2.1 uses the drum pads for an amazing hands-on FL Studio experience to:

  • Open/Close Plugins
  • Switch Between VST Presets
  • SAVE STATE / FLIP STATE (A/B any plugin!)
  • Open Mixer Presets with 1 Button
  • Solo Sounds in Mixer/Channel Rack
  • Enable/Disable Mixer Effects
  • Switch Channel Rack Patterns + Dump to Score Log!!
  • Save / Undo / Redo
  • Switch to Browser, Trigger and Send Sounds to Channel Rack!
  • Open the Piano Roll
  • .. and much more (..more to come, too!)

Version 1 Oxygen Pro Preset [OVERVIEW]:

Version 1 also included if you just want default operation of the drum pads, and just want the Oxygen Pro setup and not do any figuring out.

What’s All Included?

  • Premium Oxygen Pro FL Studio Preset (20 Second Install!)
  • Version 1 + Version 2 Both Included!
  • FREE MIDI Script for Convenience (or download it free)
  • A Premium MIDI Script (for Version 2)


M-Audio Oxygen Pro FL Studio Template:

My M-Audio Oxygen Pro FL Studio User Preset gets you up and running as fast as possible in FL Studio.

It works for the Mini, 25, 49, and 61-Key Oxygen Pro Models!

You will have to do NO FIGURING OUT…

I did all the hard work reading and testing for you!  After setup (very quick), you are good to go whenever you turn on the MIDI Keyboard!

Version 1 sets up the Oxygen Pro in FL Studio as fast as possible for default operation.

Version 2 allows you to get an amazing hands-on FL Studio workflow.

Read my M-Audio Oxygen Pro Review for FL Studio.

Or.. WATCH My M-Audio Oxygen Pro FL Studio Setup Guide!


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M-Audio Oxygen Pro Premium Preset [FL Studio]


M-Audio Oxygen Pro User Preset for FL Studio
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