M-Audio Oxygen Pro Template [FL Studio]


Works for Oxygen Pro Mini, 25, 49, and 61!

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Template for FL Studio gets you setup with NO FIGURING OUT, and includes two versions.

Version 1 provides a normal MIDI Keyboard experience in FL Studio, ensuring the Oxygen Pro works reliably.

The Latest Version (v3.0) gives a powerful FL Studio workflow based off the drum pads.

Simply import into M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset Editor!

Comes with LIFETIME Access to updates.

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset for FL Studio

M-Audio Oxygen Pro FL Studio User Preset gets you up and running as fast as possible in FL Studio.

It works for the Mini, 25, 49, and 61-Key Oxygen Pro Models!

You will have to do NO FIGURING OUT…

I did all the hard work reading and testing for you!  After setup (very quick), you are good to go whenever you turn on the MIDI Keyboard.

Purchasing gives you LIFETIME ACCESS to updates of this Oxygen Pro Template.

What’s Included in Oxygen Pro FL Studio Template?

  • Oxygen Pro FL Studio Presets (for Both Versions)
  • Premium MIDI Script for Drum Pad Workflow (for Latest Version)
  • FREE Oxygen Pro MIDI Script for convenience (or download it free)
  • NEW! – Global Links File for my EXACT Plugin Setup for Knobs/Sliders

How Oxygen Pro Template Works:

When I first purchased the Oxygen Pro, setup was very confusing and buggy in FL Studio.

This lead me to create Version 1 of Oxygen Pro Template to import and get you setup without doing any figuring out.  Additionally, I created the FREE Oxygen Pro MIDI Script to fix the transport buttons.. (play, stop, record, etc.)

M-Audio Oxygen Pro FL Studio Template Version 1
M-Audio Oxygen Pro FL Studio Template Version 1

I then started creating a separate Oxygen Pro Template (Latest Version) which uses the drum pads to navigate FL Studio to open plugins, change plugin presets, undo, redo, mute, solo, and provide hands-on mixing with very little use of the mouse!

M-Audio Oxygen Pro FL Studio Template Latest Version [Drum Pad Workflow]
M-Audio Oxygen Pro FL Studio Template Latest Version [Drum Pad Workflow]
This Latest Version gives you a different Oxygen Pro Template, a Premium MIDI Script, and the FREE MIDI Script.  Installation is super easy, and I’ve created many Oxygen Pro Help Articles about setup & usage.

This is my current MIDI Keyboard, so I’m actively developing this.  See changelog.


Version 3.0 now gives my actual Global Links Plugin File!  This means the knobs on certain plugins will be setup EXACTLY how I set them up!  (If you use the same plugins as me! – A list is provided in the download).

This is a MASSIVE value given FREE for you to follow along in my FL Studio Courses for a great experience!

A Great Oxygen Pro Experience in FL Studio!

In short, the Oxygen Pro in FL Studio was buggy.  This Oxygen Pro Template (either V1 or the Latest Version) gets you up and running with no figuring out.

The purchase gives LIFETIME Access to Oxygen Pro Template updates.

If you have any questions, contact me.

You can see all Oxygen Pro Help Articles.

Premium M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Script & Template

Version 3.0.2:

Version 3.0.2 improves FabFilter Pro-L 2 for better fine-tuning in mastering.

  • Improved: FabFilter Pro-L 2 input volume can't go less than -1dB now. Since MASTER is -1dB, I like input volume 1dB minimum to match reduced volume. This ensures hands-on volume input can go no less than 1dB.
  • Improved: Gave T-RackS 5 Classic Clipper output the ability for some positive output gain, and a little more reduction.

Version 3.0.1:

Version 3.0.1 improves T-RackS 5 Classic Clipper knobs for better fine-tuning in mastering.

  • Improved: T-RackS 5 Classic Clipper input moved to last slider to be like other plugins
  • Improved: T-RackS 5 Classic Clipper input and output knobs amounts reduced for better fine-tuning in mastering

Version 3.0:

Version 3.0 removes 'gratWorkflow' option, and allows you to customize your own setup by opening Premium MIDI Script and switching 0 to 1 and saving template @ top of file.


  • Added: Global Links .flmapping file for GratuiTous' plugin setup for hands-on mixing
  • Added: Generators get "Store State" & "Flip State" like effect plugins
  • Added: Mute Mixer Insert when focused on Mixer
  • Added: Welcome message on Script Output Pop-up
  • Improved: Hold UP/DOWN drum pad to navigate faster
  • Removed: Close All Windows (Buggy in FL 21).. waiting if ALT + F12 comes to MIDI Scripting
  • Removed: 'gratWorkflow' option in Premium MIDI Script in favor of custom user options
  • BETA: Twist 'Push to Enter Knob' to navigate (also an alternative way to change presets!)

Version 2.1:

Watch Oxygen Pro v2.1 Video

Version 2.1 provides massive workflow improvements based off the drum pad layout with the option of enabling 'gratWorkflow' in the Premium MIDI Script ('gratWorkflow' is now removed in Version 3.0 in favor of your own custom options!)


  • Added: Drum Pad Layout Page
  • Added: Oxygen Pro Template Changelog to Follow Updates
  • Added: New Drum Pad Colors for Bank 1
  • Added: Get GratuiTous' workflow by enabling gratWorkflow = 1 in PREMIUM MIDI SCRIPT (Note, this was removed in V3.0 - you can now customize your own workflow).


  • CLOSE ALL PLUGINS (if "gratWorkflow = 1" enabled).
  • Focus FL Studio Browser
  • Open Piano Roll
  • Open FL Studio F10 MIDI Settings
  • Save Project (Save As if project is not saved)
  • Undo (undo previous actions.. like CTRL + SHIFT + Z)
  • Redo (redo actions on browser history.. like CTRL + Z)


  • Dump to Score Log (Last 1 Minute of Play)
  • Switch Patterns
  • Mute Selected Sound


  • Store in Spare State
  • Flip with Spare State


  • Open Mixer Preset (Auto selects if gratWorkflow = 1.. Make sure to label preset as "1 - NAME" to select first preset to autoload.)
  • Solo Mixer Insert
  • Route Selected Channel Rack Sound to Selected Mixer Insert


  • Navigate Sounds
  • Trigger Sounds
  • Send Sound to Channel Rack

Version 2.0

Watch Oxygen Pro v2.0 Video

Version 2.0 was the first concept of this new [Drum Pad Workflow] FL Studio experience. Since I do not use drum pads while making melodies, I thought it'd be cool to navigate FL Studio based off the drum pads.. which has turned out to be a great idea!

  • Added: NEW Oxygen Pro FL Studio Template [Drum Pad Layout].. Purchase now comes with 2 Versions.. [Version 1 is basic layout, Latest Version is Drum Pad Layout]
  • Added: Premium MIDI Script for Oxygen Pro
  • Added: Change VST Presets from Drum Pads (VSTi's that allow it)
  • Added: Open/Close VSTs in Channel Rack
  • Added: Open/Close VSTs in Mixer
  • Added: Enable/Disable Mixer Insert Effects

Version 1.0

Watch Oxygen Pro v1.0 Video

After the Oxygen Pro Setup in FL Studio was VERY confusing & buggy, I finally figured it out and created the Version 1.0 Oxygen Pro Template to simply import with no figuring out for you! V1 provides normal MIDI Keyboard operation in FL Studio!

  • Added: Setup Knobs and Sliders Over the 4 Banks for 32 Knobs and 36 Sliders!
  • Added: Sets Oxygen Pro to EXTERNAL to fix buggy transport buttons

FREE M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Script

FREE Version 3.0

  • Improved: Implemented proper way to forward / back BAR in FL Studio & removed my extra workaround code. Free MIDI Script is now very minimal and fixes Transport LOOP button as intended.

FREE Version 2.0

  • Improved: Workaround code for Forward / Back 1 Bar to prevent certain windows taking focus.

FREE Version 1.0

  • Added: My first attempt at Python code to ensure M-Audio Oxygen Pro Transport Buttons gave normal operation. (Play = Play & Pause, Stop = Stop & Reset, Forward = 1 BAR Forward, Back = 1 Bar Back, Record = Toggle Record, LOOP = Switch Song / Pattern Mode)

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