Changelog – M-Audio Oxygen Pro FL Studio Template

M-Audio Oxygen Pro User Preset for FL Studio
M-Audio Oxygen Pro Premium Preset [FL Studio]

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset Changelog

Version 2.1:

Watch Oxygen Pro v2.1 Video

Oxygen Pro Pages / Improvements:

  • Drum Pad Layout Page
  • Oxygen Pro Preset Changelog (this page 🙂)
  • Drum Pad Colors for Bank 1
  • Follow GratuiTous’ workflow by enabling gratWorkflow = 1 in PREMIUM MIDI SCRIPT, save then re-open FL Studio to activate (PREMIUM MIDI Script has details on what gratWorkflow does)


  • CLOSE ALL PLUGINS (if “gratWorkflow = 1” enabled).
  • Focus FL Studio Browser
  • Open Piano Roll
  • Open FL Studio F10 MIDI Settings
  • Save Project (Save As if project is not saved)
  • Undo (undo previous actions.. like CTRL + SHIFT + Z)
  • Redo (redo actions on browser history.. like CTRL + Z)


  • Dump to Score Log (Last 1 Minute of Play)
  • Switch Patterns
  • Mute Selected Sound


  • Store in Spare State
  • Flip with Spare State


  • Open Mixer Preset (Auto selects if gratWorkflow = 1.. Make sure to label preset as “1 – NAME” to select first preset to autoload.)
  • Solo Mixer Insert
  • Route Selected Channel Rack Sound to Selected Mixer Insert

FL Studio Browser:

  • Navigate Sounds
  • Trigger Sounds
  • Send Sound to Channel Rack

Version 2:

Watch Oxygen Pro v2 Video

  • New Premium FL Studio Oxygen Pro MIDI Script
  • Open/Close VSTs in Channel Rack
  • Change Stock + Third-Party Plugin VSTi Presets (which allow for it)
  • Open/Close VSTs in Mixer
  • Enable/Disable Mixer Effects

Version 1

  • Setup Knobs and Sliders Over the 4 Banks for 32 Knobs and 36 Sliders!
  • Sets Oxygen Pro to EXTERNAL to fix buggy transport buttons

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