Oxygen Pro Quick Review 2024

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Quick M-Audio Oxygen Pro Video Review for FL Studio Users [2024]

Quick M-Audio Oxygen Pro Review

If you want an in-depth review, then please read my M-Audio Oxygen Pro Review.

Remember, the price of a MIDI Keyboard does not always justify what you get.

Most MIDI Keyboards are pretty cheap in general, often having plastic housings, plastic knobs, plastic sliders, and low-quality keybeds (piano keys).

It’s all about finding the sweet spot of price, performance, and features.

At the time of making this M-Audio Oxygen Pro Quick Review [2024] video, the Oxygen Pro still lives up to my initial positive review.

For the price, it’s jam-packed and very feature rich. It does not lock you into any portal software, and the 49-Key model has semi-weighted piano keys.

For awhile a couple sliders were starting to act up, causing FL Studio to see it moving even though I was not moving it.. but it then went away? From my initial purchase in late 2021, the Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard was an excellent choice for me.

If you’re a Member of my Platform, the Oxygen Pro is definitely a MIDI Keyboard I recommend to my students.

Here’s some M-Audio Oxygen Pro resources if interested:

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