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Fix Play and Stop Buttons Intermittent

When first plugging in your M-Audio Oxygen Pro with FL Studio, you may find the transport buttons intermittent and buggy. (They sometimes stop working).

The solution is VERY SIMPLE.. the Oxygen Pro has TEMPO SYNC set as INTERNAL.. we just need to set it as EXTERNAL.

There’s two ways to fix this. One is the easy way (but has to be repeated), the other way requires you to install the M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset Editor software.

  1. Easy Way:
    • Hold down TEMPO SYNC
    • Push down “PUSH TO ENTER” knob on “Clock”.
    • Set to EXTERNAL
    • Push down “PUSH TO ENTER” knob to save
    • Press BACK to leave menu. (All done!)
    • Note, this has to be repeated each time..
  2. Permanent Fix:
    • Install the M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset Editor software (it’s free)
    • Set TEMPO SYNC to EXTERNAL in the software, then File -> Send Preset. (Make sure to overwrite a preset, not send to RAM.)

For more info, visit Getting Started with M-Audio Oxygen Pro in FL Studio.

In the beginning of the video I show both ways.. the “quick fix”, and permanent fix for this TEMPO SYNC issue with the Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard.

My Oxygen Pro Premium Template fixes this, with way more functionality.

How to Fix M-Audio Oxygen Pro Buggy Transport Buttons

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