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M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset for FL Studio - Premium User Preset for M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset Editor (FL Studio DAW)
M-Audio Oxygen Pro Template [FL Studio]

Modify Premium Oxygen Pro MIDI Script User Options

Version 3.0 of my M-Audio Oxygen Pro FL Studio Template now gives you options to customize your Drum Pad Workflow experience in FL Studio.

Customize Premium Oxygen Pro MIDI Script for FL Studio by GratuiTous

Prior to Version 3.0, you were able to enable or disable ‘gratWorkflow’. This was an “all or nothing” approach, which was removed in V3.0, and split a part so you can customize your own setup.

Change Premium MIDI Script Variables

The Premium MIDI Script is located in MIDI Scripts folder of your M-Audio Oxygen Pro FL Template download.

The premium MIDI Script has “-PREMIUM” at the end of the file.

You first need to open this MIDI Script to edit it.

Open a MIDI Script with a text editor (like NotePad), or a code editor (like VSCode).

  • Right-Click the MIDI Script
  • Hover “Open with”
  • Select “Notepad” (or your preferred editor)

Edit Variables of Premium MIDI Script

Near the top of the Premium MIDI Script, I have listed variables.

You can change the number from 0 to 1 (0 = disable, 1 = enable).

Customize Premium Oxygen Pro MIDI Script by GratuiTous
Customize Premium Oxygen Pro MIDI Script by GratuiTous

Once you’ve change your numbers, make sure to save the MIDI Script, then close & re-open FL Studio for it to take effect.

I’ve also left descriptions of what each option does.

I hope you enjoy the user customizations of M-Audio Oxygen Pro FL Template.

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