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What is a ROMpler

ROMplers are preset-based virtual instruments (synthesizer) that allow beatmakers to select high-quality presets FAST, without knowing sound design, to focus on creating catchy melodies easily.

Recommended Tools

My Favorite VSTi’s for FL Studio [Virtual Instruments]

Find the best VSTi’s for music production. In this write-up I share my favorite virtual instruments for making beats. From old synths and ROMplers to new ones. I also share popular VSTs I see around the industry.


Using Arpeggios in Beats – What are Arpeggios?


Does Sound Selection Matter in Beats

Do the sounds you choose for your beat matter? Yes! They can also make mixing easier.


Tweaking Your PADS with Precision


How to Create Automation Clips with Nexus 2 in FL Studio

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