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My Dog Jake Stands Up on a Certain Piano Note – LOL !

My dog Jake stands up on a certain chord I play on the piano.

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Before Making your Beat, Choose Your Scale and Key First!

Before making a beat, you should choose your scale and key. This is crucial for allowing easy improvisation, as well as knowing which notes work good in your key selected! Choosing before hand is like night and day!

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Piano Creativity with Mixer + Microphone

Just as of late, I started to mic up my piano with a mixer which has effects on it!

I love the way a piano sounds by itself, especially with those big powerful chords, but to keep creativity and inspiration high, I thought adding in these effects like reverb and delay would really help add that something special to my piano practice.

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Piano Playing [March 11, 2017]

After recording a part for a new music course (soon to be now released called Organic Beats), I recorded myself playing piano since I had …

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