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[COURSE] – Music Theory and Chords for Beatmakers and Producers

I’m back with another music production course, based on FL Studio. The course title is: Music Theory and Chords for Beatmakers and Producers. This will …

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#020 – Using Arpeggios for Fullness

Arpeggios are an amazing filler in your beats. I tend to use arpeggios in my music productions when I am stuck or feel something is missing.

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Using Arpeggios in Beats – What are Arpeggios?

Do these questions relate to you? Why do my beats never feel full enough – and why do they always feel like something is missing? …

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Piano Lessons With GratuiTous Vol. 2

Free Piano Lessons, So here we are with round 2 of Piano Lessons with GratuiTous ! While creating beats, is piano important? I’d say yes, …

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