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S2E33 – Is Collaborating Hurting You

Release Date: Aug 19, 2022

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Collaborating is a tremendously effective marketing approach to the music industry.

However, it does have both its pros and cons, which I discuss with you in this episode!

Your Brand is EVERYTHING!

We first start by talking about your brand.

Your brand is essentially a person, and you must make your decisions in the same way as you would yourself..

This means the things you say, the other businesses you interact with, and the customers you deal with on a daily basis!

I purposely started with the CONS of collaborating when beatmaking, selling beats, or with brands and sponsorships because many people don’t realize the harm it can bring to your business.

But of course, there’s many pros of collaborating as a music producer, too!

Cons of Collaborating as a Producer

This was the list of cons I used for this episode of Music Production Made Simple podcast:

  • Other people’s actions effect your brand
  • You have to often split earnings/commissions
  • You have to read the fine-print of the agreement
  • It’s RARE that a deal is fair..
  • It’s harder for you to be yourself (and have a strong opinion)
  • Hope that no foul play is going on in the background..

Pros of Music Collaboration

And, here’s the pros we talked about:

  • Build an audience faster (which makes marketing efforts easier)
  • Can make a lot more money
  • Learn a different point of view

Recap of Collaborating as a Beatmaker

If you want to collaborate with another producer to make beats, you are stepping into a different ball game.

It can bring you many rewards and growth, but it can also bring harm, that you may not even be aware of!

When looking at the agreement and offer, balance the pros and cons carefully.

It could be the best collaboration and decision of your life.. or the worst!

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GratuiTous (Riley Weller) is a Recognized FL Studio Trainer with over 30 Beatmaking Courses. He writes Beatmaking Books, hosts the Music Production Made Simple Podcast, and helps students with FL Studio Lessons. He also makes lots of his own music!

2 thoughts on “S2E33 – Is Collaborating Hurting You”

  1. John InfiniteAudioMagik Rosario

    I emailed you back directly I didn’t see the comment button button I would love to do you know works on that talks on that because yeah I’ll try anything and like I said it’s not about the money and like I do need to start making you do that like I have my degree and everything so and like I’m relaxing out it is highly highly impossible to do it by yourself like it can’t be done A to see by yourself because you lose all your time trying to create because you gotta worry about the business and the marketing and like that’s just as crazy like it’s all about the analytics and stuff like that now like it’s not even about the art

    1. Yeah it’s a big balance!

      The end goal is to have fun, know your goals, and stay focused.

      The music industry itself is very hard to find your path..

      Thanks for the comment and listening to the podcast 🙂

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