A big problem new producers face when starting to make beats and wanting to make drum loops (SAFE SPOTS), is they think they need to learn how to play the drums.

This is not a good mindset to have, because you will fall into a very bad creative-block trap of thinking you need to program your sounds so perfect, that you’ll never reach the creative level you’re wanting as a beatmaker.

In this episode of Music Production Made Simple, I explained to you that good beatmakers are so good at what they do, their beats are actually so simple they become creative (try my free 5 Keys beatmaking book).

As a beatmaker, who wants to make amazing custom drum loops, there’s only two things you need in your drum samples:


You can learn more about how to buy drum samples here.

Further, as a beatmaker, you need to learn to BREAK FREE from the trends, and you’ll only do that by trying new things out for yourself.

I highly encourage you to take my SAFE SPOTS Drum Loop Training Curriculum, or you can become a member and access all of by beatmaking courses based on FL Studio!

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