Here’s an old tutorial I created about how to use ZGameEditor Visualizer.

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How to Use ZGameEditor Visualizer in FL Studio

Where to Load ZGameEditor Visualizer

I like to load ZGameEditor Visualizer on the MASTER track as the very last plugin.

Adding Layers in ZGameEditor Visualizer

Once the plugin is loaded, simply add how many layers you’d like.

Layers to the right get nested ON TOP of the layers on the left!

Some layers allow you to react to the audio frequency signal, while others don’t.

You are also able to automate the sliders by right-clicking and selecting “Create automation clip”. (Learn more about automation clips in FL Studio).

How to Use ZGameEditor Visualizer

First you should have audio in the Playlist.

This can be an audio clip (a full song), or MIDI Notes you’ve programmed.

Simply load ZGameEditor Visualizer as the last plugin on the MASTER so the audio you’re hearing gets rendered into the video as is.

How to Render a ZGameEditor Visualizer Video

When you click the ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin, the video and parameters are inside one window. You can DETACH the video from the parameter window, which gives a better experience with multiple computer monitors.

How to Export ZGameEditor Visualizer Video in FL Studio
How to Export ZGameEditor Visualizer Video in FL Studio

You will see “Export video”. Just follow the easy instructions they’ve provided. You can also set a higher framerate for a smoother look (at the cost of a higher file size).

How to Make ZGameEditor Visualizer Perform Better

In Windows, you have the option to set ZGameEditor Visualizer to run on your graphics card, rather than the onboard-CPU graphics. (This is setting FL Studio to run off the Graphics Card where it can.. I think FL Studio mostly runs on CPU, but this can force FL Studio to run some things off your video card!):

How to Make FL Studio Run on Graphics Card (GPU) in Windows
How to Make FL Studio Run on Graphics Card (GPU) in Windows

Simply search for “Graphic Settings” after pressing your Windows Key, then select FL Studio, and choose “High Performance”.

Questions About How to Use ZGameEditor Visualizer?

As mentioned, this is an older video I created. If you’d like to see an updated one, just leave a comment below with where you’re struggling!

Make sure to have a nice logo, or album artwork, and it will make your ZGameEditor Visualizer video look amazing!

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