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Learn how to Unlock FL Studio from the Trial Version..

How to Unlock FL Studio From Trial Version to Full Version

In this video, I show you how to unlock the FL Studio Trial Version with your Image-Line account.

(The old school way of unlocking FL Studio is downloading the .reg key and installing that.. but the Image-Line account is the new and improved way 🙂)

You can learn what version of FL Studio to buy.

How to Unlock FL Studio (the New Way)

How to Unlock FL Studio from the Trial Version

The new way is unlocking FL Studio with your Image-Line account.

Unlock FL Studio - Confirm if FL Studio is Registered
You can see my FL Studio version is registered because it shows my name in the top right. (Learn more about Riley Weller).

To start the process of unlocking FL Studio from the Trial Version after you’ve purchased FL Studio, go to Help -> About:

Go to Help -> About to unlock FL Studio from the Trial Version
Go Help -> About to unlock FL Studio Trial Version. From here, you’ll have to enter your Image-Line account details.

You will then get a pop-up window, just enter your Image-Line details.. it’s really simple!:

Enter your Image-Line Account Details to Unlock FL Studio from the Trial Version
Enter your Image-Line account details, and agree to the terms. This is the new way to unlock FL Studio (compared to the old registry key we used to use).

That’s it! Your FL Studio is now unlocked! Enjoy your purchase!

You may have to close/re-open FL Studio.. so it’s wisest to unlock FL Studio on a blank project, so it won’t touch any important projects your working on!

Unlocking FL Studio the Old Way (Registry Key)

Unlock FL Studio with a Registry Key (the Old Way)
Go to the Image-Line website, go to Sign-In and enter your account details.

Note, unlocking FL Studio with the registry key may not be available in newer versions.. however, I’ll show you where to find the registry key to unlock FL Studio if you don’t want to do it the new way with your Image-Line account.

Go to the Image-Line website, and log into your account. (Shown in image above.. screenshot taken in 2019)

Click Unlock Products in Image-Line Account Settings Once Logged In
Click Unlock Products in Image-Line Account Settings Once Logged In

Once logged in, on the sidebar, you’ll see “Unlock Products”.. click it!

Click the arrow drop down to download the FL Studio install registry key
Click the drop-down arrow under “Unlock VST Plugins / Alternative Unlock for FL Studio”. You’ll then click the image to download the registry key!

You can either click the drop down, then click on the arrow to download the registry key, or you can click “this link” option as shown in the image above to access the registry key.

How to Install the FL Studio Registry Key
Double-click the .reg file, then click “Run” to install it.

Once you download the registry key (.reg key), you will then double-click it, then install it by clicking run.

It will then warn you that installing registry files is sketchy, and to be really careful and trust where you got the registry file (which is why you should never torrent/illegally download software, because people are smart, and they hack these files and screw up your computer).

Confirm this registry if you believe it is safe from Image-Line.

Once you confirm by clicking “Yes”, you will be presented with a confirmation message! 🙂

Successfully unlock FL Studio from trial version with the registry key

What’s the Best Way to Unlock FL Studio?

The new way to unlock FL Studio from the trial version is to simply use your Image-Line account when you go Help -> About.

However, the old way is to use the registry key.

One way is not better than the other, but I’d personally recommend the Image-Line account way, as it’s new, and the way it will be going forward I assume.

How to Learn FL Studio Better..

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