I personally think the music industry is the MOST influential industry in the entertainment world.

However, when you enter the music world, you must understand that FAME does not equal SUCCESS, and you can have one and not the other. No matter who you are in this world, we all listen to music, and we all have our own favorite artists and songs from our own generations.

SUCCESS is what you WANT.. but FAME can lure you into thinking that you are “successful”.

Successful is a word without a real definition, because most people consider success different.. Is 1 million dollars successful? Is having a family successful? Is releasing your first beat tape being successful?

Now FAME is having people know about you and your “image”. There’s lots of famous people who have lost it all!

Success is being able to do what you want, achieving your goals, and still being a normal human who can enjoy their life!

The moral of the story is.. check your heart, and understand your intentions entering this music industry.

It’s very appealing, and can quickly bring you success, fame, as well as chaos.

The secret to it all is reading, understanding what you want, and knowing the pros and cons of each situation.

Take this one to heart.

# GratuiTous