Reverb is probably everyone’s favorite effect.

It creates such a beautiful sound, and can usually help any sound or instrument sit into a mix, if used properly.

In this episode, I mainly wanted to focus on something called Predelay.

What is Predelay on a Reverb?

This is the Fruity Reeverb 2 by Image-Line (Makers of FL Studio). The “Delay” knob is the “predelay” on this reverb.

Well, when you play a sound with the reverb effect, the sound can become “masked”. The dry signal (no reverb) and the wet signal (reverb) play at the same time, and because of that, the dry signal can’t be heard as clear, and the reverb will be masked by the dry signal.

In this episode, I show you an example of predelay on a reverb using a piano note.

How Much Predelay Should You Dial In?

For your predelay settings, this is a by ear thing.

When you go too far, you will hear the predelay almost as it’s own instrument, and it will be out of time.

I would say, it’s always safer to have LESS predelay than too much, but if you want a lot of reverb on your snare, without the long tail clogging up your song’s mix, then you can adjust the predelay and DECAY knob accordingly!