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Category: Reverb

Techniques to Use Reverb Powerfully in Your Music

Learn how to use reverb with these pro tips! We start with parallel routing, move into why using a low cut filter is effective on reverb, why a reverb’s predelay can make a difference, and a bonus tip to make you aware you can sidechain compress your wet signals!

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Tweaking Your PADS with Precision

Making Your PADS Work For You! Personally, I really love PADs. PADs within music are a phenomenal way to instantly increase the epicness in your tracks. They are slow-rising, warm-sounding,

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How to Make Catchier Melodies

Making Catchy Leads, Catchy melodies aren’t easy lol.  It comes from practice, patience, being creative, and above all, knowledge with your piano skills. However, the tip talked about int his

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