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Music Production Made Simple Podcast

S2E18 – Powerful Reverb Tips

Reverb is everyone’s most favorite effect. Learn how to use reverb good in this episode, with my main tip focusing on predelay! Discover what is reverb, and different techniques while using reverb.

What is a VST Plugin
Getting Started

What Is A VST? (VSTi, VST2, VST3)

A VST, known as an audio plugin, can be a digital instrument (VSTi), or an effect (VST) like delay, reverb, or equalization. There are different VST versions like VST2 and VST3.


Techniques to Use Reverb Powerfully in Your Music

Learn how to use reverb with these pro tips! We start with parallel routing, move into why using a low cut filter is effective on reverb, why a reverb’s predelay can make a difference, and a bonus tip to make you aware you can sidechain compress your wet signals!


The Benefits of Predelay on Reverb

Adding just a touch of predelay on your reverb has an amazing effect to make it stand out more!


Using Reverb as an Instrument

Using reverb as an instrument can give your tracks amazing emotion. Try it out!


Chopping Up Vocals Over Your Beats

Learn to sample and chop vocals over beats in FL Studio with Slicex. Slice vocals for hip-hop and dance music.


Spice Up Your Drums with Reverb

Apply reverb to your drums to make them stick out in the mix, plus add some grit! (Great for hip-hop drum loops.)


Tweaking Your PADS with Precision


How to Make Catchier Melodies

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