There is a struggle for new producers, and that is turning a loop into a beat (or a song).

In this episode I share with you what I think the difference is between a song and a beat.

A loop is just the absolute beginning stages of a beat or song, and it is very hard for new producers to get passed the point of a LOOP to a beat or song.

In my opinion, a song is a beat with vocals/lyrics. The vocals immediately complete the song, and make the actual beat creation process a lot easier, because the beat doesn’t have to be so full!

A beat is a lot harder to know when it is done, but a trick I share in this episode is to first build out the arrangement, then when the chorus comes in, truly listen and think… “Does that sound like a full chorus that completes the song?”. If it doesn’t, well then maybe you need to add another instrument on!

Yes, both a song and beat are made up of individual loops, but it is your goal as a music producer to train your ear for what is catchy, and be able to put all those different loops together to make it into a BEAT or a SONG that is catchy, and captivates your listeners.

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