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The Benefits of Predelay on Reverb

Does your reverb not stand out the way you want?

Are you constantly fighting the decay and wet knobs on your reverb plugin to make the effect stand out more, but only to realize, you’re totally clogging up your mix with too much reverb just to hear the effect itself?

Well, let me tell you about a little knob called PREDELAY!

It’s simple. Predelay delays the reverb audio by the amount you set.

When your reverb plays at the same time as the original sound, the reverb signal can easily be masked behind the original signal. That’s what makes the reverb hard to hear!

So by dialing in a bit of predelay, it nudges over the body of the reverb’s signal, allowing it to sit more audibly in your track without having to dial in extreme settings for your reverb. 🙂

Try it out!

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