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Different Tools for Mastering Beats (Audio Mastering Plugins)
Recommended Tools

Different Tools for Mastering Beats

Discover the different mastering plugins producers use to master their beats. Audio Mastering Tools like Limiters, Compressors, Clippers, and Loudness Meters.

How to Master in FL Studio for Beginners

How to Master a Song in FL Studio

Learn how to master a song in FL Studio for beginners. We cover Limiting, Compression, Clipping, and how to make a song loud in mastering.

What is a VST Plugin
Getting Started

What Is A VST? (VSTi, VST2, VST3)

A VST, known as an audio plugin, can be a digital instrument (VSTi), or an effect (VST) like delay, reverb, or equalization. There are different VST versions like VST2 and VST3.


The Ultimate Guide to Using Automation Clips in FL Studio 20

How to use automation in FL Studio 20. Learn to add automation in FL Studio 20 with the playlist, step sequencer, piano roll, and patterns.

Music Production Equipment

What’s that Round Thing in Front of a Microphone? (Popfilter)

What is a pop filter, the round thing in front of a microphone. Where to find the best pop filter, and how to use it to prevent plosives and damaged recordings.


How to Get Thick Rap Vocals

To achieve thick rap vocals it requires layering duplicate recordings, parallel compression, and maybe some distortion.


Creating Separation in Your Sounds (EQ, Panning, Stereo Separation)

Using EQ to create separation in your mixing. Use a low-pass filter to make room for other instruments.


Make Your Chorus Fuller (Grouping Instruments)

How to create big choruses in your songs every time by layering instruments.

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