M-Audio Oxygen Pro – Drum Pad Layout

M-Audio Oxygen Pro [Drum Pad Layout]

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Drum Pad Layout
(Premium FL Studio Template)

Oxygen Pro v2.1 uses the first 16 drum pads on bank 1, which are color-coded.

Enable gratWorkflow by opening Premium Preset file, and setting “gratWorkflow = 1”.

M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard Drum Pad Layout for GratuiTous Premium Oxygen Pro Preset for FL Studio

Global Buttons (Works In Any Window):

[7] – Focus FL Studio Browser
[8] – Tabs Right (Does not tab if plugin focused)
[9] – Open Piano Roll
[13] – Undo
[14] – Redo
[15] – Save Project (will do Save As if haven’t saved yet)
[16] – Open FL Studio MIDI Settings
[17 ~ Top Arrow] – Focus Channel Rack Window
[18 ~ Bottom Arrow] – Focus Mixer Window

Menu Popup (Right-Click Menu)

[1] – Up
[2] – Down
[3] – Select / Enter Item
[4] – Close Menu Popup
[5] – Go Back Column (if item has right arrow)
[6] – Go Forward Into Column

Channel Rack (Step Sequencer):

[17 ~ Top Arrow] – Focuses/Opens Channel Rack

[1] – Move Up Sound
[2] – Move Down Sound
[3] – Open Generator / Virtual Instrument
[4] – Mute Current Sound Highlighted
[5] – Previous Pattern
[6] – Next Pattern
[10] – Dump to Score Log (Last 1 Minute of Play)

Generator Window (Virtual Instruments):

[1] – Previous Preset
[2] – Next Preset
[3] – Select Preset (for Plugins with Visible Preset List Eg.. Nexus or FLEX)
[4] – Close Plugin Window (if “gratWorkflow” enabled, close all plugins)
[5] – Move Column Left (Preset Category)
[6] – Move Column Right (Preset Category)

FL Studio Mixer Window:

[18 ~ Bottom Arrow] –  Focuses/Opens Mixer

[1] – Move Mixer Insert Left
[2] – Move Mixer Insert Right
[3] – Enable/Disable Mixer Insert Effects
[4] – Solo Mixer Insert
[5] – Open Previous Plugin of Selected Mixer Insert
[6] – Open Next Plugin of Selected Mixer Insert
[11] – Open Mixer Preset (Auto Selects “1 – PRESET” if “gratWorkflow” enabled)
[12] – Route Selected Channel Rack Sound to Selected Mixer Insert

Plugin Window (Mixing Effect):

[4] – Close Plugin Window (if “gratWorkflow” enabled, close all plugins)
[5] – Open Previous Plugin of Selected Mixer Insert
[6] – Open Next Plugin of Selected Mixer Insert
[11] – Store in Spare State (For A/B Comparison)
[12] – Open Flip with Spare State Menu (Auto Select if “gratWorkflow” enabled)

FL Studio Browser (Drum Kit Selection):

[7] – Focuses FL Studio Browser

[1] – Move Up Sounds in Browser (Like Up Arrow on Keyboard)
[2] – Move Down Sounds in Browser (Like Down Arrow on Keyboard)
[3] – Open Folder / Trigger Sound (Like Right Arrow on Keyboard)
[5] – Load Sound Into Channel Rack (Use [7] to Go Back to Browser.. or if focused on Channel Sampler, [4] will close windows)
[6] – Close Folder / Go to Top of Folder (Like Left Arrow on Keyboard)

Piano Roll

[9] – Opens/Closes Piano Roll Window

[5] – Switch to Previous Pattern
[6] – Switch to Next Pattern

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