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Oxygen Pro Preset Editor – M-Audio Software Manager

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 - PRESET EDITOR

I will share how to use the M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset Editor in this article, as well as how to install it, and set up the Oxygen Pro with FL Studio.

First, I want you to know about my M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 Review. It shows you how to properly set everything up, how to install my FREE MIDI Script for FL Studio, and other helpful information.

I also have a Premium Oxygen Pro Template.. so you don’t have to learn and figure it out, you literally just install a quick file into this Preset Editor, and I set it all up for you in FL Studio.

How to Access M-Audio Oxygen Pro Preset Editor

To download the Preset Editor, just log into your M-Audio account.

(Previously, the Preset Editor was downloaded through the M-Audio Software Manager, which had to be activated via the Software Manger’s “Settings”.. then you could download the Preset Editor for your model.. either 25-Key, 49-Key, or 61-Key.. as of writing, it looks like you can directly download it via your M-Audio Account).

Go to the M-Audio website, and under “Account” -> “Sign In“, you will see once logged in, “Account” -> “My Products” will be available, which shows your product serial numbers and various product resource downloads.

Sign into your M-Audio Account via “Account” -> “Sign In”
This image is from Oct. 28, 2021 – The Oxygen Pro has been updated with new firmware since released. Inside FL Studio, I have tested up to v1.0.2.. everything is working right now, and there are reports of lots of bugs with this Oxygen Pro (it works well in FL Studio the way how I show in my review).

Once you download and install the Preset Editor, it will look like this:

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 - PRESET EDITOR
M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 Preset Editor (v1.0.2)

Using Preset Editor for M-Audio Oxygen Pro

You will notice there are Preset, DAW, and Global options at the top of the Oxygen Pro Preset Editor. (Additionally, File in the top left you’ll use a lot!)

I cannot speak for other DAWs, as I only use FL Studio.. so from here on out, if you use FL Studio, this will help you most.. Again.. my Premium Oxygen Pro Template for FL Studio will get you all set up.

In FL Studio, I found Preset gave me a better experience. Everything works smoothly, where as DAW I found the knobs to not work properly.

(Also for FL Studio users, hold down DAW, and select FL Studio, then go back to Preset Mode.. this makes the keyboard work better in FL Studio).

Notice I am selected on Preset.

How this works is you load a Preset from the Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard into the Preset Editor. Under File you can select Retrieve Preset.

Selecting RAM pulls in the currently selected preset on the Oxygen Pro itself.. if you select Preset 1 or 2, that is one of the saved presets on the Oxygen Pro which you can also recall. (Access the presets on the Oxygen Pro by holding down PRESET and using the “Push to Enter” knob to scroll through them).

From here, now you can fine-tune the preset however you’d like, but make sure you SEND the preset back into the Oxygen Pro. And I also suggest SAVING the preset in case anything screws up, you have a backup.

When sending a preset into the Oxygen Pro from the Preset Editor, you have to the option of overwriting a pre-existing preset (I personally overwrite the first one so it is convenient to select it, or you can use a preset further down.. again, hold down PRESET on the Oxygen Pro, and scroll with the “Push to Enter” knob to see the available presets).

Notice, this one is SENDING the preset (not retrieving like the image above).

And that’s it!

This Preset Editor took quite awhile to figure out, and get the Oxygen Pro set up properly in FL Studio.. That’s why I decided to create that Premium Oxygen Pro Template for FL Studio..

If you use FL Studio and the M-Audio Oxygen Pro, I’m sure you will find it useful (and you don’t have to figure all this out yourself..)

Again, checkout my M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 Review to see how to properly set it up with FL Studio, as well as my overall opinion on the MIDI Keyboard.

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