M-Audio Oxygen Pro FL Studio Setup (Quick Start Guide)

Learn how to use M-Audio Oxygen Pro in FL Studio.

The M-Audio Oxygen Pro has been a great MIDI Keyboard for me.

This page contains 5 videos sharing how to setup the oxygen pro, how a MIDI Keyboard should operate in FL Studio, and what to look when buying a MIDI Keyboard.

Start with my M-Audio Oxygen Pro Resource Page !

[1/5] M-Audio Oxygen Pro – GETTING STARTED GUIDE for FL Studio

Video #1 is getting started with the M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard.

I talk about the problems I faced when setting up the oxygen pro in FL Studio, but after figuring out the problems, it turned out to be an awesome MIDI Keyboard for FL Studio!

Read my M-Audio Oxygen Pro Review.

[2/5] – Oxygen Pro – GETTING STARTED – What is a MIDI Keyboard?

Don’t think you’re too knowledgeable for Video #2..

Buying a MIDI Keyboard is really tricky..

You’ll notice all these companies offer very similar functionality, but their MIDI Keyboard prices are all over the place… some way more expensive than others..

The most important thing to understand is..


Sadly, not all product reviews talk about what DAW the MIDI Keyboard is good for.. they usually just cover build-quality and features (which many times don’t work in your DAW), and it helps you very little 🙁.

Again, I’m a Recognized FL Studio Trainer, so my information is specifically for FL Studio producers looking for a solid MIDI Keyboard.

Read my How to Buy a MIDI Keyboard article!

In short, this is what makes a good MIDI Keyboard:

  • Semi Weighted Piano Keys (they feel much nicer)
  • Transport Buttons must have LOOP BUTTON
  • I like a 49-Key.. (it’s more affordable, and fits better on the desk.. it’s hard to find a 49 Semi-Weighted MIDI Keyboard!)
[3/5] M-Audio Oxygen Pro – How a MIDI Keyboard Should Work [FL Studio]

Video #3 explains how a MIDI Keyboard works by default in FL Studio. (From what I’ve normally seen over my years).

The biggest takeaway is having all the transport buttons, which are:

  • PLAY
  • STOP
  • BACK
  • LOOP

This LOOP button is very important for a fast workflow in FL Studio to switch between SONG and PATTERN mode!

[4/5] – Install Oxygen Pro MIDI Script (FREE) + Premium Add-on Template

Video #4 shares:

To learn more, please visit my Oxygen Pro Resource Page!

[5/5] – Map Knobs and Sliders in FL Studio [M-Audio Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard]

Video #5 shares how to set up knobs and sliders in FL Studio off the M-Audio Oxygen Pro (or any MIDI Controller).

It can be confusing, because FL Studio offers two ways to map a knob to a parameter called Project Links and Global Links.

READ: Project Links vs. Global Links Tutorial

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Resources:

Start with my M-Audio Oxygen Pro Page which includes:

Use this link to see Oxygen Pro Template Updates.

Do you need the premium template? No, but if “just want the keyboard to work”, then it’s the easiest solution. (V2 now offers a really cool drum pad workflow in FL Studio.. V1 also included if you just want normal oxygen pro operation, but want it set up easy).

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Questions?

I hope you enjoyed my free Oxygen Pro MIDI Keyboard Training!

In short, the M-Audio Oxygen Pro for FL Studio works great if you set it up how I’ve shown.

Please visit my M-Audio Oxygen Pro Page for valuable information on the Oxygen Pro MIDI Script, Premium Oxygen Pro Template, and new free trainings for how to use the Oxygen Pro in FL Studio.

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