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Serum – Overbear


Overbear is a premium Serum Bank featuring 25 presets aimed at dance and hip-hop music featuring pads, basslines, plucks, and powerful leads!

These serum presets will allow you to make awesome melodies and full-sounding beats!

Here’s a demo beat created with the Overbear presets!

Presets Info

Overbear XferRecords Serum Bank features these 25 presets:

  • 4 Bass (Really versatile!)
  • 12 Leads (Make powerful melodies!!)
  • 5 Pads (Immense emotion!)
  • 4 Plucks (Play fast chords, or catchy melodies!)

View the second image above to see the preset names!

Overbear is also included in my FORGOTTEN GEMS SERUM BUNDLE.

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Serum – Overbear


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