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What’s It Gunna Be: Life or Death


What’s It Gunna Be: Life or Death is my third album release!

If only the average music listener knew all the work and knowledge involved in producing an album!

This release has actually turned out to be my favorite, with songs containing extremely powerful messages. In my experience, I’ve seen a lot of “Christian’s”  live the life of picking and choosing Scriptures which benefit them, rather than truly following Christ no matter how hard it may be.

This album directly pin-points a lot of those white lies about the Bible in regards to church goers, and believing what the Pastor tells you on Sunday.

For example, the song on this album, Now is the Time to Worship tells the listener that today is your opportunity to repent and worship the Father. Just because someone is at church raising their hands and singing praise to His name does not mean you are worshiping from your heart.

It tells the listener to make a stand in your own life, and set your standards to the highest level that when you worship the Father, you do so whole heartily, not just on a single day; Sunday.

GratuiTous has been educating producers how to use FL Studio since 2012 through his previous website, Beatstruggles.com. He was an electrician for 10 years, and loves to learn and challenge himself to learn best practices! View his FL Studio courses 👉

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