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What’s It Gunna Be: Life or Death

Demo Reel

Release Date: January 8, 2013

My Favorite Tracks

Now Is the Time to Worship, What’s Your Reason for Livin’, One True Friend, Enduring Till the End


  1. Now Is the Time to Worship (3:55s)
  2. The Lord’s Comin’, I Said He’s Comin’ (4:12s)
  3. What’s Your Reason for Livin’ (2:58s)
  4. He Loves Me, I Love Him (5:04s)
  5. Let the Reign Pour (2:16s)
  6. One True Friend (3:05s)
  7. Risen from the Grave (2:34s)
  8. Mixed Messages (2:56s)
  9. Gossip (4:07s)
  10. Enduring Till the End (3:12s)

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