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BEAT TAPES By GratuiTous Vol. 7

BEAT TAPES By GratuiTous Vol. 7 is the first release after the name change from the ‘FREE BEATS By GratuiTous’ series. (After trying to publicly release these beat tapes to online distributors like Spotify, iTunes etc. they did not want the word ‘free’ being used in a release title.)

Vol. 7 features a bunch of new productions, but this time around I’ve also sifted through some older tracks which I’ve never really publicly released. (Some of these older tracks are “Keys for Christ” and “I Said I Told You”.)

For example, I released I Said I Told You on my beat store a long time ago when I used to sell beats. Here’s the thumbnail image I created for the song – I colored it in pencil crayons lol!

This beat tape has a vast amount of variety on it from easy-listening beats to dance tracks to aggressive beats.

My favorite track on Vol. 7 is probably Fighting For Time – The way I came up with the original melody kind of just ‘clicked’ as I was fiddling around on my keys one night.

However, there’s lots of beautiful melodies for you to enjoy 🙂

Track list

Volume 7 features 11 original productions.

The total time of the beat tape is about: 42 Minutes, 18 Seconds

Favorite Tracks

  • Fighting for Time
  • Keys for Christ
  • For His Name Alone
  • I Said I Told You
GratuiTous has been educating producers how to use FL Studio since 2012 through his previous website, Beatstruggles.com. He was an electrician for 10 years, and loves to learn and challenge himself to learn best practices! View his FL Studio courses 👉

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